The Bible Translator

The Bible Translator is the leading academic journal dedicated to the theory and practice of Bible translation. It exists firstly to serve those directly involved in Bible translation, aiming to encourage sharing of the results of their research and records of their practice. It also provides a forum for a wider community of scholars and students.

For the past 40 years it has appeared in two series – Technical Papers in January and July, and Practical Papers in April and October. Beginning with the April 2013 issue, TBT now appears three times a year, and contains both practical and technical papers.

Executive EditorMarijke H. de Lang (United Bible Societies, Netherlands)
Associate EditorAndy Warren-Rothlin (United Bible Societies, Switzerland)
Managing EditorJeff Green (Canadian Bible Society)
Reviews EditorMisheck Nyirenda (United Bible Societies, Zambia)
Reviews EditorSimon Wong (United Bible Societies, Hong Kong – China)

Current issues

The Bible Translator is currently published through SAGE Publications. For subscriptions, submissions, and to search the full archive, go to SAGE (subscription to SAGE Publications required).

Bible Society staff can access The Bible Translator online by clicking here. Please write to the Managing Editor to set up online access or to subscribe to the print edition. SIL members can access The Bible Translator online by clicking here.

Historical archived issues

The first 50 years of The Bible Translator are available for all, for free here in the archive.

Contributing to the Bible Translator

Manuscripts may be submitted for publication at the journal’s website on SAGE. Please review the TBT style guide.