In translation work, we come across new problems to solve every day. Our publications share practical insights from translation experts so you can learn from their experience.

As a Bible translator, you’ll run into specific issues every day when doing your translation work.

Sometimes you simply don’t have enough information to decide how to proceed — you may not have access to exegetical information, the right technology for the case at hand, or simply a gap in your translation theory and practice knowledge.

Chances are, someone else has already run into the same problems. They’ll have been grappled with by translation teams in the past and addressed in existing translation products.

Our publications give practical examples of these situations and the solutions that have been found, and they’re packed with insights to help you in your work.

Our publications

Le Sycomore

Le Sycomore is a French-language scholarly journal devoted to various fields of study related to the practice of Bible translation, including linguistics, anthropology, exegesis, theology, philology, translation theory, and Scripture use.

Le Sycomore est une revue scientifique traitant de plusieurs domaines d’enquête qui contribuent à la pratique de la traduction de la Bible, par exemple, la linguistique, l’anthropologie, l’exégèse, la théologie, la philologie, la théorie de la traduction, l’utilisation des Saintes Ecritures.

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Traducción de la Biblia

Traducción de la Biblia, or ‘The Bible Translation magazine’, is a Spanish-language publication providing a range of content including suggestions to solve Bible translation problems, essays that present specific topics in depth, and bibliographic help.’

La revista Traducción de la Biblia, edición electrónica sigue la tradición de excelencia, variedad informativa, ayuda bibliográfica, sugerencia para resolver problemas de traducción bíblica y ensayos que presentan temas específicos a profundidad.

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The Bible Translator

The Bible Translator is the leading academic journal dedicated to the theory and practice of Bible translation. It exists firstly to serve those directly involved in Bible translation, aiming to encourage sharing of the results of their research and records of their practice. It also provides a forum for a wider community of scholars and students.

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TIC Talk

TIC Talk provides translation consultants with information on recent trends and publications in the fields of biblical studies, linguistics, translation, and computers in areas that pertain to Bible translation.

The newsletter usually began with a bibliographical article on recent trends in some topic of interest followed by notices of recent publications in Bible Translation, Biblical Studies, and Language and Communication.

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Our publications are part of the Translation Landscape

Publications produced by UBS support the translation team in their work. They are written by translators and consultants, sharing insights and solutions to academic and practical problems in the work of translation.

The Translation Landscape comprises a network of many organisations, individuals and technologies — all with one goal in mind: to bring Scriptures to everyone in the language and medium of their choice.

UBS tracks progress, supports efficiency and ensures quality from end to end of the translation process. The process starts with the local Bible Society, part of UBS, engaging and collaborating with the local church, through to storing, managing and distributing the translated Scripture using the Digital Bible Library, developed and maintained by UBS.