Other Bible Ministry Roles

If you’re supporting translation projects our tools and resources can help.

If you’re managing or funding a translation project, you need to understand what teams are working on – our tools help you engage with and distribute the output of translation projects.

This site can also help you understand what’s going on in the world of translation and how translations happen.

In particular, the Digital Bible Library (DBL) provides an at-a-glance view of what’s going on in the world of Bible translation publications and products worldwide, in both digital and print. If you’re involved with a translation project as a fundraiser, project manager or copyright holder, the DBL allows you to access the output of your teams’ translation work, helps you distribute Scripture and guides you through the navigation of copyright and usage.

Not actively involved with translation teams but still interested?

You might find these searchable insights from Bible translators helpful.

If you’re a translator or translation consultant, check out our reference tools and resources.

What we offer

These tools will help you understand the world of Bible translation, manage translation projects and engage with wider communities.

The Digital Bible Library

The Digital Bible Library is an online digital asset and licensing management platform for Bible translations. As a Bible translator, the Digital Bible Library can be used to distribute your work. If you’re a copyright holder or project manager, the Digital Bible Library can be used to manage the licensing or distribution of your team’s work.

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TAZI is a UBS special audience initiative with a vision to facilitate access to and engagement with the text and message of the Bible. It addresses the distinctive challenges of translating, publishing and distributing the Bible for and with particular non-Christian communities.

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Translation Insights and Perspectives

If you are part of the wider Church, or you desire to engage the wider Church in the work of Bible translation, the Translation Insights and Perspectives tool is a fantastic asset. It is an ongoing project to collect and share stories where biblical translations offer fascinating and unique insights into the original text. As a translator or consultant, you’re warmly encouraged to contribute to this project by submitting insights from your translation work.

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UBS Translation Resources Store

The one-stop-shop for all physical and digital resources available for purchase from UBS that are specifically designed to support Bible translation. This includes handbooks covering all books of the Bible, monographs, training videos and topic-specific technical helps.

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MAP is the largest online interagency community for Bible translation, comprising specialists from a wide range of fields, organisations, and nationalities, and a broad range of translation related topics.

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How this all fits together in the Translation Landscape

Other Bible ministry roles in the translation team are an essential part of the Translation Landscape. The tools and resources that UBS provides help with the management and collaboration of, and engagement with, a translation project.

The Translation Landscape comprises a network of many organisations, individuals and technologies — all with one goal in mind: to bring Scriptures to everyone in the language and medium of their choice.

UBS tracks progress, supports efficiency and ensures quality from end to end of the translation process. The process starts with the local Bible Society, part of UBS, engaging and collaborating with the local church, through to storing, managing and distributing the translated Scripture using the Digital Bible Library, developed and maintained by UBS.