The translation landscape

The global translation landscape is formed of many organisations, individuals, publications, tools and resources — all with one goal in mind: to bring the Scriptures to everyone in the language and medium of their choice.

UBS tracks progress, supports efficiency and ensures quality from end to end of the translation process. The process starts with the local Bible Society, part of UBS, engaging and collaborating with the local church, through to storing, managing and distributing the translated Scripture using the Digital Bible Library, developed and maintained by UBS.

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Local church

Bible translation starts with the local church. UBS exists to serve local churches of all denominations.

Local Bible Society

Bible translation is carried out through and with the local Bible Society, part of UBS.


Funding is sought, allocated and managed through the UBS Solomon platform.

Translation Team

The work of the translation team — formed of the local church and local Bible Society — is supported by publications, tools and resources and partner organisations

Digital Bible Library

The translated text is stored, managed and distributed efficiently and effectively using the Digital Bible Library.

Bible Publication

The finished Bible text is published in print and/or digital format for the local church who initiated the project, and wider audiences.


UBS publications, such as The Bible Translator and Le Sycomore, are written primarily by and for translators and consultants to share practical insights into the work of translation.


UBS partners and collaborates with organisations who fund translation, have workers directly joining translation teams or share knowledge of Bible translation, governance, principles and practice. 

Tools & Resources

UBS tools and resources, such as the Paratext software and translation handbooks available through the UBS Translation Resources Store, assist in the practical and academic aspects of translation.