Church partners

Interested in how Bible translation happens, what’s happening now and how this deeper knowledge can illuminate Scripture for you? Start here!

Because United Bible Societies works across almost every country and type of church, we have a broad perspective of what’s happening in the world of Bible translation. You can learn more about our work here.

The resources below are a good starting point for pastors, church leaders and anyone interested in learning more about scripture, and what goes into Bible translation.

Translation Insights and Perspectives

If you are part of the wider Church, or you desire to engage the wider Church in the work of Bible translation, the Translation Insights and Perspectives tool is a fantastic asset. It is an ongoing project to collect and share stories where biblical translations offer fascinating and unique insights into the original text. As a translator or consultant, you’re warmly encouraged to contribute to this project by submitting insights from your translation work.

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UBS Translation Resources Store

The one-stop-shop for all physical and digital resources available for purchase from UBS that are specifically designed to support Bible translation. This includes handbooks covering all books of the Bible, monographs, training videos and topic-specific technical helps.

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As a project manager or funding partner, you may wish to contribute data to ProgressBible. You may also acquire a dashboard account which provides a comprehensive view of Bible translation across the world, based on language — including translation need, program status, and available products.

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How this all fits together in the Translation Landscape

Church partners are the starting point for any translation project and remain involved, collaborating with the translation team throughout. UBS exists to serve local churches of all denominations.

The Translation Landscape comprises a network of many organisations, individuals and technologies — all with one goal in mind: to bring Scriptures to everyone in the language and medium of their choice.

UBS tracks progress, supports efficiency and ensures quality from end to end of the translation process. The process starts with the local Bible Society, part of UBS, engaging and collaborating with the local church, through to storing, managing and distributing the translated Scripture using the Digital Bible Library, developed and maintained by UBS.