We are a global, interconfessional network working to bring the Scriptures to everyone in the language and medium of their choice. By working with and through local churches and bringing together translation practitioners and partners, we aim to make the Bible available and accessible to all.
To date, we have provided more than 70% of the world's full Bible translations.

translations to come

Our vision is to complete 1,200 translations in the next 20 years

first translations

Providing God's Word in languages with no Scripture

revised translations

Revised translations to ensure everyone has the ability to access and understand Scripture

For Bible translators & consultants

We support the global Scripture translation community with resources to develop your knowledge and the key tools needed to create, manage and distribute your translations effectively.

For other Bible ministry roles

If you’re supporting translation projects, or want to know where the needs are and how you can get involved, our tools and resources can help.

For Church partners

Interested in how Bible translation happens, what’s happening now and how this deeper knowledge can illuminate Scripture for you? Start here!

Reference tools & resources

Making Scripture available for people around the world is a complex process involving research, translation, digitisation, and publishing. Our tools support teams doing this work at every step.


In translation work, we come across new problems to solve every day. Our publications share practical insights from translation experts so you can learn from their experience.